Search Engines and the Right Processes for You

Search Engines and the Right Processes for You

Most clients ask if SEO is important to what extent it is necessary to optimize the website One Search Pro Digital Marketing. They believe that SEO is something mysterious for search engines. However, site optimization is important for both search engines and users. SEO is about understanding what and how people are looking.

Determining the right strategy has a direct impact on the placement of the site in search results. SEO is therefore an integral part of the success of your website. 

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When to start optimizing

Search engine optimization is important at all stages of a website’s life. That is, from the initial design. When designing a website, it’s a good idea to focus on keywords. With keyword analysis, you get valuable data and better create a logical site architecture, how to segment categories, where a filter will suffice, and where to create separate landing pages. Separate landing pages must have appropriate textual content with appropriate keywords / long-tails, as well as related keywords within on-page factors. Using the seo tools is important there.

Web security

When creating a website, focus on the technical parameters that are authoritative for search engines at the very beginning. The most important factors include HTTPS security, duplicate treatment, and mobile optimization.

The website needs to be optimized so that search engines can easily reach important sites. If your site is complicated and incomprehensible to search engines, you will not appear to users in the search results in the desired positions.

On-page factors

The content of the website must correspond to the technical solution. Each optimized site page should include:

  • correctly filled in “meta title”
  • “meta description”
  • a text description on the page including the appropriate H1 title
  • internal linking

The content of the website should be linked via links that increase the ranking of the site. This will make search engines easier to browse the web. The website itself should be friendly to the users themselves. The page must contain functional and logical elements that guide users easily and quickly to their destination.

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We dealt with the issue of backlinks in the previous article Backlinks or linkbuilding .

Go to a new website

It is very important to think about SEO when moving to a new website, where the form of site URLs often changes. Incorrect or no URL redirection will result in a large number of invalid URLs with a status code of 404 – Page not found. Therefore, remember to redirect the original URL to the new site correctly when you go to the new site.

How often to optimize a website

Some basic technical requirements only need to be set once. However, SEO is primarily about editing content and targeting answers to user queries. Therefore, it is important to constantly update and supplement the content of the site.

How can you measure and track goals within SEO?

  • Year-on-year increase in organic search visits
  • position the site on important key phrases
  • number of visits from external websites (backlinks)
  • number of referring domains (backlinks)
  • number of visits to individual pages (articles, products, categories)
  • rate of immediate abandonment.