Five Tips For Choosing Your Diy Hair Dye

We dye ourselves because a good hair dye allows us to have the color we want. Although we come with a factory color mmc 996, we can always choose one that best suits our values ​​and our way of seeing the world. In short, to our personality,


Among the main reasons, women dye their hair are the desire to remove gray hair, give it a greater shine, and even increase their volume. And now that you can’t go to the hairdresser, what better time to pay yourself a small tribute and take advantage of the supposedly greater free time that quarantine offers than to dye your hair yourself. 


A few years ago, people told you that dyeing your hair was bad for your health. With the passage of time and the perfection of industrial dyeing techniques, no one doubts that the dyes you can find on the market are safe, although setbacks can always arise. 


Although it is unlikely, if we do not choose the hair dye that best suits our scalp, there is the possibility of irritation, dryness, and even itching. 


Since almost 60% have answered that you are dyeing yourselves, we have decided to write these five recommendations to dye your hair at home during this quarantine.


Ask your old hairdresser for advice


It may sound naive, but more and more companies are telecommuting. Although it is not the same as going to the hairdresser to put yourself in the hands of your usual professional, a phone call or a video call can solve your main questions before you dye your hair on your own. Surely your hairdressing professionals are ready to help you!


Choose the coloration


One of the main questions to ask yourself is how long you want the coloring to last. It can be permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. 


The permanent color is suitable if you want to look completely different. Of course, you must stain the root as it grows. 


The semi-permanent coloration is usually used to give a color similar to the current one or to darken the hue. Experts consider that this type of coloring also allows you to relativize faults more easily. 


The temporary coloration does not last long and goes away by itself in a few washes.


Choose the tone


It seems incredible that this point can generate doubts, but there are as many shades as hair types. Or more. Don’t you ever have hair the same color as the one that appears on the dye box? 


If you do not decide between two or three tones, always choose the lighter one, because in reality, once applied, it tends to be darker than we think. 


Take an allergy test


Most hair dyes tell you to do an allergy test to ensure it is safe for your health. The most common is to try to dye a lock at the nape of the neck to rule out a negative reaction. Also, by the way, you can see how the color looks. 


Don’t wash your hair that day


The day you go to do your hair dye at home, experts recommend that it is not very clean, because “clean hair makes the dye grip less and because the hair is more sensitive to possible irritations if it has been recently passed by water and shampoo.”