5 Female Body Typologies And What Clothes Favor Them The Most

From here, knowing what we like the most about us and perhaps the least, we get to work to highlight our strengths and positives, leaving aside those that do not seem so much.


It is considered the ideal silhouette because the shoulders and hips are in the same line, and there is sinuousness at the waist, being the focus of positive attention. It is the most harmonious silhouette.

With this typology, you can allow yourself to wear all kinds of garments as long as they do not break the balanced aesthetic and turn it into another typology.


You should know that the back and the hip are at the same level but with little sinuousness at the waist. The objective will be to mark the waist more with the help of the shape of the garments, to try to visually achieve being an hourglass, the ideal figure for its harmony.

The most flattering garments for this silhouette are the following:

  • V-necklines lengthen the neck and figure.
  • The Americans with linear shoulder pads.


It is one in which the shoulders are narrower than the hip. The objective will be to provide broadness to the shoulders to compensate with the hip, and this will be achieved by providing horizontality in the upper garments or by leaving the shoulders exposed.

The most flattering garments for this silhouette are the following:

  • Blazers with linear shoulder pads.
  • Halter neck.
  • Boat neck.
  • Lighter colors on top.
  • Rigid fabrics on top.
  • Tailor sleeve, balloon sleeve.
  • Added on the shoulders like glitters, buckles, studs.
  • Straight pants with high or medium waist.
  • Bootcut pants.
  • Straight skirts or evasee.

We will avoid: low- rise pants, hip belts and skirts with frills and ruffles (since they provide much more amplitude) and finally shirts and shirts with dropped sleeves.

Skinny pants are not the most flattering, but if you like them a lot, try putting on a heeled shoe, and you will see how you look more stylized.

Inverted triangular

It is one in which the hip is narrower than the shoulders. The goal will be to provide more volume in the hip area to compensate for the shoulders.

The most flattering garments for this silhouette are the following:

  • V neck.
  • Raglan and drop sleeve.
  • Darker colors on top.
  • Fine fabrics.
  • Asymmetrical necklines.
  • Necklaces.
  • Large prints and darts.
  • Low-rise pants, both skinny and straight.
  • Ruffled skirts and ruffles.
  • Miniskirts.
  • Hip belts.

We will avoid bootcut pants, high-waisted, and straight skirts, Americans with shoulder pads and rigid, the strapless, and the halter neck (since it will provide more volume on top when discovered).


The rounded silhouette is that in the upper part of the body is more voluminous, and the lower part is narrower. The objective will be to stylize the silhouette with the help of garment overlapping.

The most flattering garments for this silhouette are the following:

  • Blazers with linear shoulder pads
  • Darker colors on top
  • Blouses
  • Halter neck
  • Boat neck
  • V neck
  • Rigid or medium fabrics
  • Necklaces
  • Straight or skinny pants (medium high rise)
  • Slim hip belts
  • Flared skirts
  • Lighter colors and large prints at the bottom

To avoid tight and short t-shirts and low rise pants, and also bootcut pants.…

Dry Exfoliation: Easy, Cheap, And Effective. Do You Sign Up For Fashion Treatment?

It is effective, easy to apply, and, last but not least, it is very cheap. The dry exfoliation, also dubbed dry brushing, is one of the beauty treatments that offer the best results. If you do not know it yet, take advantage of this stage of forced confinement to discover it, and you will probably make it an ally for life to renew your skin and make it offer its best appearance.


And it is that although your epidermis, by itself, is renewed naturally every month, replacing dead cells with new ones, there are factors such as contamination or age that make this regeneration not take place as it should. In this way, your skin ceases to oxygenate properly and does not absorb the nutrients and water it so badly needs. You can correct this deficiency; If you opt for the dry one, you will eliminate more dead cells than with the wet peel.


What products do you need?


Good news: dry blow drying is done as its name suggests and does not require any product, so the only thing you will need is a good natural bristle brush, for example, bamboo, and ideally with a long handle that allows you to comfortably reach all areas of your body. With this, you must exert a moderate pressure on your body that, in addition to exfoliating the skin, will stimulate your blood circulation.


How should you do the exfoliation?


Taking into account that, in addition to softening the skin, we intend to stimulate circulation, you should always start exfoliating through the feet and go up towards the chest, that is, always towards the heart. Start with these and go up through the ankles towards the knees, following the glutes, hips, and groins, with a few short movements that should consist of making lines upwards. Then it continues up the arms, also upward. The torso will be the last phase.

When and how often to do it


The most recommendable thing is that the dry exfoliation is done in the morning because it has energizing properties and will help you start your day as energetic and renewed. The frequency depends on your skin type and the hardness of the bristles of the chosen brush, you can make it a daily ritual or choose to do it twice a week. Keep in mind, in any case, that it is in the constancy where its effectiveness resides, and that if you can incorporate it into the daily routine, you will have a great ally against the hated orange peel.


Facial care requires specific treatment


To treat the face, you must do it with completely clean skin without makeup or products of any kind. Make upward and circular movements for one minute, starting at the neckline and going up to the facial oval. Also draw lines from the center of the face outwards, starting from the chin to the ears and then to the forehead, repeating each line three times, and ending with small circular movements in the opposite direction, from the forehead to the chin.


Do you have problems?


Avoid skin areas where you have a sunburn, wounds, and other areas sensitive to rubbing, and in no case, exfoliate if you have sensitive, extremely dry or pustular acne skin. People with skin problems and diseases such as rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis should not opt ​​for this technique either.