How to identify fake psn codes sites?

In this article, we are going to show you a simple way to identify any fake site that offers free psn codes. First we like you to use this opportunity to congratulate our guest researcher. He spent time in going through those sites and discover one specific thing about them. He had to test over 20 web pages, to see if they can actually help in getting working codes.
Here, we will discuss on his result and also tell you how our own. It is quite different from whatever those sites might have convince you to believe.

fake psn codes

If you do a quick search for free codes for psn, Google will display 10 sites. You might see few videos from YouTube too. The first one displays random codes that are not even useful in the PlayStation Network. The site is also embedded with a script that pop-ups on your browser. It definitely means that the owner is actually getting paid for those pop-ups. He doesn’t care if you get working one. In fact, you can even confirm it when he said you should keep on trying until you see a redeemable one. So, it is a minus to what you want.

The second and all other sites are using a fake online generator. Don’t mind those codes that display when their tool begins to run. They are trying to make you believe that what you see there is actually the real thing. But, if you look closer, they redirect you to a survey page. Most times send the user to an irrelevant site after completing them.
So, with all these written proof, you don’t have to keep on trying whatever they are offering you.

Pay attention to this amazing site which is definitely known as the best psn code generator. We did so many giveaways on forums and also on most gaming stations. Though it cost us money to buy these codes and add to our database. But, we only ask users to install or complete an advertiser offer, so that you can get access to one of it. So, why won’t you prefer to use something like that?

There are many sites on page 2, 3 and 4 of doing something different. They don’t spend enough money as we do in getting working codes. That is the reason, why you don’t get anything after using their website
Here, once we set the amount to share for that day, there is a guarantee that you will get it if you use our panel.

In conclusion, whatever you see here does not mean we are working with the console network. We are only the right site you should recognize all the time.
Try and also encourage people to read this article so that they can know how to identify fake free psn codes.